Investor Q&A

Can I invest with my retirement plan, IRA or 401k?

Yes, in many cases, you can invest with one or multiple retirement plans. A common approach for investors is to roll over an old IRA of 401(k), from a company they no longer work for, into a self-directed retirement plan. Contact us for more information about this process.


Does Equitable only offer opportunities in Arizona?

The majority of Equitable’s opportunities are currently in Arizona. However, we are always looking at markets throughout the Southwest and will occasionally have opportunities in other states.


What is the minimum investment amount?

Investment amounts generally start around $50,000.


Does Equitable have any longer term investments or private money deals?

Most of our transaction last between 6 month to 2 yrs, but we to have some longer term contracts that go 2-5 yrs.  Please contact us for more details.


Can I invest with friends or family members?

Yes, in most cases you can invest with your friends or family members.