Private Lending

For generations, bridge notes secured by deeds of trust have been used by real estate investors to reduce risk and increase returns. Yet not all investors are familiar with these top-notch opportunities.

As an investor, you’re looking to maximize your income yield while minimizing your overall portfolio risk. It’s a simple concept … but the decisions and investments you make to achieve those goals can sometimes spiral into needless complexity and over-diversification. Whether you’re a retiree on a fixed income, or a younger member of the workforce looking to secure your future, a bridge note opportunity from Caliber returns simplicity and sanity to your portfolio.

The Equitable Group Bridge Note Program


How it works

The Equitable Group Companies buys, renovates, and sells hundreds of single family homes. These properties are purchased by our worldwide network of investors, and home buyers who buy through traditional methods. As a private lender participating in our Bridge Note Program, you provide the capital that enables Caliber to purchase, renovate, market, and sell these properties. Your capital is secured by a first position deed of trust on an individual property. While your capital is deployed, you receive a 9-10% fixed annual rate of return. When the property is sold, your principal and interest is wired directly to your bank account by the title company conducting the sale.

The Bridge Note Program is a simple, yet effective way to earn a great rate of return while having your capital secured with valuable real estate. The Caliber Bridge Note Program generally starts with a minimum loan amount of $75,000, and increases into the millions. All bridge note transactions are processed through a third party title company and lenders receive a lender’s title insurance policy.


Lending is a Simple Process

  1. Prospective lender signs a non-binding letter of intent to lend a desired dollar amount
  2. Equitable finds and secures a property that fits the lender’s specified loan amount
  3. Property information is sent to the prospective lender for their approval.
  4. Escrow account is opened with a title company
  5. Equitable sends a signed and notarized Promissory Note and Deed of Trust to the title company.
  6. Lender wires funds to escrow account.
  7. Title company ensures lender is in 1st position and records the Deed of Trust on public record.
  8. Lender escrow closes and title company provides a lender’s title insurance policy. All title fees are paid by Equitable.
  9. Equitable renovates, manages, and sells the property.
  10. Title agency that closes the sale pays principal and interest to the lender, then remaining profits go to Equitable.