Company Bio

The Equitable Group was founded in 2010 by Ted Fowler.  Equitable began as an opportunistic company, designed to capitalize on the undervalued real estate assets available at the end of the market crash.

Starting with just one investor, Equitable began renovating houses and creating great returns. It wasn’t long before more investors wanted to participate. Beginning In 2010 Equitable has bought, renovated, and sold over 120 single family transactions.

Equitable has continued investing into process improvement and systems, to allow us to stay competitive in new and upcoming Real Estate vertices.

Since 2010, Equitable has expanded its Private lending options via the Bridge note program.  The Equitable Bridge Note Program allows clients to secure their capital with real estate and earn a high rate of return, without actually owning the property. This attracted more clients and helped Equitable continue to grow.

The Greater Phoenix real estate market began to change rapidly in 2012. Real estate prices were climbing and inventory became more scarce. Equitable adapted by changing from a fix and flip model, to a more extensive renovation and new build model.

Today, Equitable Companies continues to grow its wide variety of services and investment opportunities. Equitable’s in-house team can handle the entire investment cycle and create a unique, hassle free experience for investors looking to grow their portfolios.